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 UK “flamingo woman” smiles to the life

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PostSubject: UK “flamingo woman” smiles to the life   Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:27 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :England physiotherapist, said Joanne was wearing, "Ms. Flamingo." She suffers from a rare disease, only one leg like a flamingo standing as bending.

coach outlet)Two years later, the shoulder contraction symptoms, illness "to" other parts. 3 years ago, her left leg curled up to the body to rely on crutches to walk. In addition, some distortion of the left cheek, chewing and speaking difficult things.

"I have never seen someone with the same disease I have," she said, "the doctor said the disease is very rare. Bodily pain, and sometimes I rely on morphine analgesia."

Fearing an operation on the contraction of the left leg muscle cramps that may be will "spread" to more parts to wear to give up surgery. Since the risk of dystonia, she has received no fewer than 60 surgeries, to prevent distortion of the body too. That experience made her "unforgettable."

Dai recalled: "People see me in the street, always ask, 'Why do you stand?' Most people do not realize that I am a disabled person. They think I am funny, or I pose in the chaos."

"I always explaining to people that this position will not self," she said, "I would often hear talk about the flamingo's ridicule, and at times frustrating. But I will strive to maintain a sense of humor."

"I respond with laughter, things happen to them," she said. "There is no doubt physically changed my life, but I will try to live like ordinary people like yourself to enrich. I can drive, live alone, like beautiful clothes and pets, I test last year, a physical therapist under the Certificate. "

ed hardy clothing)Dai does not like other people with disabilities with a disapproving eye examination. She said that disability does not mean not doing things, "only means that I use unusual methods to complete. But, I can not find a boyfriend, and many men find it difficult to accept and understand my situation."

"Nevertheless, I still remain optimistic about the firm. It has brought me far better than complaining about the return," she said.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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UK “flamingo woman” smiles to the life
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