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 Medical expert's healthy secret

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PostSubject: Medical expert's healthy secret   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:34 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :5 copies per day to eat fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, drink plenty of water like human ears have heard the health law

From the cocoon. In fact, many medical experts have a personal experience summed up the secret of health law, than

Public law that is more practical and effective.

coach outlet)Never eat the smallest dose of medicine. Well-known British pharmacists West Germany wears Garney that will affect all drugs

Brain, even ordinary painkillers. Drugs are not eating more, the more obvious effects, in order to avoid damage to cognitive

Capacity, he always took the smallest dose.

Wear different shoes every day. Podiatrists Trevor Pierre famous Austrian said shoes in a sweat can not

Evaporated at a clean, wear the same pair of shoes if the two consecutive days, warm and humid environment is very easy for fungi blooms


Drink less a little juice. British nutritionist Aimaweier eat fruit, drink very little juice. In her view,

Juice of sugar and are high in calories. Squeeze the juice of citrus fruit acidity is very high, likely to cause irritable bowel comprehensive

Co-sign, migraine, psoriasis, and tooth decay. Many raw materials are concentrated juice fruit juice, indicating that they are watered before the freeze

However, substantial loss of antioxidants.

Avoid using power tools. Hearing expert Paul Luodaluoke in life as much as possible without electric shavers,

Hair, etc., because they are excessive noise, use ear protection if not pay attention to, will lead to permanent hearing be


ed hardy clothing)Do not always complain of pain. Authority of the plastic surgeon John Rawls chronic back pain since childhood, but he

Never take drugs, but believed that he can overcome. He said the pain was very minor, has been complaining about; there

Serious human illness, but very happy life. Seeking a full life without any pain will allow the situation to become


( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Medical expert's healthy secret
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