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 Weekend hates to get out of bed the advantageous work

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PostSubject: Weekend hates to get out of bed the advantageous work   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:32 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Latest research shows that more than anyone stay in bed look is not only a luxury, it also enhance the mental,

Enough to meet the challenges of the coming week's work. If you wake up Monday morning, that mind is not clear, it is likely

Because the weekend did not take anyone stay in bed.

coach outlet) The same study indicated that 1 is enough to make anyone stay in bed a week of sleep restricted to brain enough rest time to improve

Energy, alertness and concentration.

But for those who are always candles burning at both ends of the people, the weekend even though they sleep for 10 hours probably is not enough, because

This they should sleep a little longer.

ed hardy clothing) Scientists are also people who party all night in the weekend warned that this will seriously affect the next one

Week's performance.

The study, whose average age was 30 years of age were 159 healthy adults, sleep deprivation experiment. Said: "Long

Lack of sleep after sleep in the morning more than 1,2 hours of continuing vigilance on the behavior of recovery is really a great help

Help. Most important is that sufficient rest is limited to long-term sleep is very important to the brain. "

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Weekend hates to get out of bed the advantageous work
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