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 Loquacious male most mysterious ability!

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PostSubject: Loquacious male most mysterious ability!   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:54 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :20-year-old boy, California boasts the nation's longest Nick Arab League law Naxi Nazarbayev tongue

He can easily use the tongue licked his eyes, but also to send text messages with his tongue, was simply amazing.

coach outlet)According to reports, Nick found himself a young age than their peers long tongue (tongue length 9 cm), with the same

Science test of the tongue licking the nose of the game, Nick can easily licked. So he more practice with the flexibility of the tongue

, With the taller body, followed by a long tongue. Currently, his long tongue licked the eye can also abnormal Ling

Live, to free deformation.

Nick herself and the expertise, the times of all the television programs to advertise. In a live broadcast in the home, women

Broadcast can not help but wonder on Nick's tongue with a ruler were measured. Measurement results show that the tongue 9 cm,

Close to the world record.

Another unique technique is Nick send text messages with his tongue, his tongue on the phone to write, and then expertly issue

ed hardy clothing)Piece of information. He joked: "not empty hand drive, the tongue can send text messages."

Nick hope for his long tongue to knock on the door of his career, so self-timer of "tongues" Video From

The Internet. He continued with a piece of film long tongues "licking the nose," "picking your nose", his tongue twisted into Ma


Currently, he is relying on tongues took more than 50 films, "Transformers 3" crew also invited him to perform.

However, Nick is not the world's longest tongue. It is learned that the world's longest tongue, 48

Taylor-year-old British man, his tongue up to 10 cm, the Guinness Book of World Records has been certified.

Interestingly, Taylor's girlfriend complained that: "In fact, I and Taylor can not enjoy the happiness of kissing, I

Concerned that his long tongue makes me suffocate. "Taylor is also worried that if his tongue continues to grow, he

The mouth may no longer tolerate, as the dogs had led to his future as the tongue out from the mouth of droop .

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Loquacious male most mysterious ability!
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