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 Really has its person's movie story

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PostSubject: Really has its person's movie story   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:03 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Everyone is his own director. Unexpectedly wonderful film behind so many more exciting life than the story of the film. discharged a few odd that there is great is not it slip through your mind, everyone will work together to share the gossip on the movie after all, a fun yo.

1,(coach outlet) Lucy Lucy "50 First Dates" - Prototype: Michelle Philpots

Every day, Michelle Philpots woke up, lying next to a man had to convince her that they have married. When she expressed doubt that men will come up with an album to show them to her wedding pictures 13 years ago. The only way Michelle Philpots be sure she is in and talk to her husband Ian and her husband said everything is true. That her condition has continued for 47 years is due to two road traffic accidents caused by injury to the brain makes. She can remember everything before 1994, but since that day what happened the day she'll forget the next day. She's such a case in the 2004 movie "50 First Dates" had been reproduced.

2, Zorro Zorro "The Mask of Zorro" - Prototype: Joaquin Murrieta

Zorro is Don Diego Gorder Lawei Canada (Don Diego de la Vega) of the mysterious identity, living in California from the Spanish colony of prominent regional figures and leaders. He is dressed in black men in masks, in order to defend life in this land of the people and against those oppressive officials and other bad guys. Joaquin Murrieta, also known as Dorado Robin Hood (Robin Hood of El Dorado), is a 19th century gold rush in California from 50's legend. He is a notorious bandit or a Mexican patriot, it would a matter of opinion. Murrieta is the fictional character Zorro provided some inspiration. His name is a symbol for some politicians on the Anglo-American economic and cultural dominance in the Californian region resistance. In fact, a role in his name appeared in the film "The Mask of Zorro" in. In the film, Joaquin died in his fictional brother, Alejandro (Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas decorated) as the new Zorro, the captain was killed for revenge.

3,(ed hardy clothing) Raymond Raymond Babbitt "Rain Man" - Prototype: Kim Peek

The film "Rain Man" Dustin Hoffman plays the role of Kim Peek is called from this man. Will be seen in his life after screenwriter Barry Morrow pushed to the spotlight, Barry Morrow created a prototype based on his Oscar for the Dustin Hoffman role - Raymond Babbitt. Nevertheless, he was portrayed as a person with autism. In 1988, after the movie, Peek into the sensational character. So he spent 21 years to prove his mental strength more than 6,400 people around the world. Peek can also maintain a nearly 98% of the reading, listening, watching. (Normal people can only be maintained at 45%), he was 16 months old when the book will be able to read and recite, he now has been able to note the 9000 book.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Really has its person's movie story
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