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 In the washer got killed

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PostSubject: In the washer got killed   Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:08 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Local time 10:30, 40-year-old Anna After buying things at home, found that 4-year-old

coach outlet)Son Sonny gone, they call the police. Police helicopters searched around in her house about an hour

, Did not find trace of Sonny, along with anxious police officers were deployed to begin at home to find Anna. After

After a careful search, they will gaze fell on the final power of the drum that sets drying machine. When Anna thrown open

Dry machine door, suddenly terrified by the scene before us: the lovely and lively Sonny has become a dead body.

A neighbor, said, Sonny is like to play "hide and seek", often hiding in unexpected places, try

Map to the two brothers and two sisters surprise. The occurrence of this incident, his brothers and sisters were asleep


ed hardy clothing)Reported that Anna recently parted ways with Sonny's father, she can not think of how he left home several

Minutes on the recurrence of such tragedies. Police have arranged 24-hour medical and nursing staff to take care of extreme sadness of Anna.

Police declined to say whether the scene, and a drying machine is working, what is so Sonny's or suffocate due to drying mechanism

Lethal action is unclear. Outsiders only know that Sonny himself climbing drum drying machine, drying machine

The door closed, in which the poor boy spent at least an hour, was killed when found.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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In the washer got killed
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