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 South Korean openness criminal picture

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PostSubject: South Korean openness criminal picture   Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:27 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :According to the entry into force in January this year, South Korea "on the protection of children and young people from sexual abuse

Law "amendment, under 19 years of age on young people and children and commit sexual crimes the possibility of a great man,

To open his face in online photos and real names.

coach outlet)South Korean "sex offender bulletin board" ( "launched" the 10 20 to 50 years old

Male face photos, real name and nature of criminal record profile. This year, 16 people were South Korean court for

The conviction and ordered disclosure of personal information online. Which, due to suspended the release of 10 people to become the first to be

Online public objects.

South Korea has to fight to children and adolescents repeated acts of sexual crimes with heavy blows. Following the June 29 South Korea

States Congress passed the "chemical castration bill," after the July 26 South Korea's Ministry of Women and the family has the first online public

ed hardy clothing)10 sex offenders approved information and picture photo. A result, web traffic surge, and even once appeared paralysis

Numbness of the limbs, as of 27 pm, the site is still very difficult to open.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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South Korean openness criminal picture
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