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 Milk herd violence: Nips to the tourist steps on

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PostSubject: Milk herd violence: Nips to the tourist steps on   Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:37 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Tuesday, the same group of cows attacked in the same place another 50-year-old amusement

Off, her body scarred. In June this year have occurred in a Swiss farmer was trampled to death in the case of cattle .

From Germany, a 4 23 local time in French Pyrenees hiking time, female

coach outlet)Were a group of "angry" and random cows chew hooves trampled unconscious, stunned husband and two children managed to escape out

Was immediately reported to the police, called the helicopter emergency service.

Guided Gerard ? Martinez said the event was very hot in recent weeks have repeatedly occurred in dairy cows, the tourists here

Must be vigilant and try to avoid dairy group, do not look directly into their eyes.

ed hardy clothing)Martinez that the cow is due to hot weather injuries, has been "soft" the cow will become sensitive to temper

Full of aggression. In particular, just birth of cows, calves when they feel threatened by tourists, will be ignored

All attacked.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Milk herd violence: Nips to the tourist steps on
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