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 Tai kwong Do Gym

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PostSubject: Tai kwong Do Gym   Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:26 pm

Ok guys in my Gym you must follow the rules before battling me. No this isnt the game so you CANNOT use ubbers.

My Gym type: Fighting

My Fc: 2751 2182 5243

Please if you lose a gym battle don't go on and saying "you cheater all your pokemons are hax" because if you do *cracks knuckles* you will face the conscunses(or however you spell it) of the Mods and Admins.

Also your team may NOT be full of flying and psychic types because if you do you will be DQED and won't be able to challenge me for 1 week.
You can only have either 1 psychic OR 1 flying type poke in your team. Same goes with moves, only 1 psychic OR 1 flying type move in your team. 1 pokemon can have either a psychic or flying move thats it.

This is a 6 vs. 6 single battle so be prepared.

To challenge my gym you must follow the rules below:

Ubbers, you may not use them, ubbers are pokemons with powerful attack stats and if you use them let the Admin or Mod deal with it to see if you will continue on in the Platinum League or not. The following pokemons are ubber:

Shaymin Skyforme is ubber too Shaymin normal form is not ubber so you can use the regular form not the skyforme

Is now ubber so sorry people, i know i hate it too

Sleep Clause
You may only put one Pokemon to sleep at a time. Once that Pokemon wakes up, you may put it or another Pokemon to sleep again. But again, only one Pokemon on their team can be asleep at one time. Pokemon asleep due to the effects of Rest or Effect Spore do NOT count towards that limit.

Species Clause
Each Pokemon must be of a different species. Different Pokedex number means it's a different species.

Evasion Clause and OHKO Ban
Sometimes grouped together as "No DT/OHKO". The following moves are banned:
- Double Team
- Minimize
- Fissure
- Guillotine
- Sheer Cold
- Horn Drill

No "Hax" Items
The following items are banned:
- Brightpowder
- Quick Claw
- Focus Band
- King's Rock

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Jr. Trainer
Jr. Trainer

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PostSubject: Re: Tai kwong Do Gym   Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:27 pm

;Challenges you;
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Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer

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PostSubject: challenge   Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:35 pm

i challenge u
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PostSubject: Re: Tai kwong Do Gym   Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:24 pm

Our Gym Leader has returned!

I have unlocked this thread, and challenges are being accepted by leader DragonTamerz.

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PostSubject: Re: Tai kwong Do Gym   

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Tai kwong Do Gym
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