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 The golden hair beautiful woman is tied up facing the street

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PostSubject: The golden hair beautiful woman is tied up facing the street   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:11 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :
Anna left a local luxury health club, alone, driving a white Nissan car home. Way, a Japanese production of "Su Balu lion" suddenly oncoming station wagon, because less than dodge, the two vehicles collided. Although the extent of the collision is not serious, Anna still instinctively look at what off.

coach outlet)According to an eyewitness later recalled, then jumped from the wagon in several big guy, will Anna forced into their car sped away.

It is reported that the kidnappers who abducted to Anna to Khabarovsk near the train station a one-bedroom rental house. Shouted for help to prevent the hostages, the kidnappers are to Anna hands tied, his mouth seal, and even from the local market, she stuffed a large bag purchased! After some bargaining, Anna's family and the kidnappers agreed to the ransom down to 100 million rubles, payable in two.

ed hardy clothing)According to reports, Anna is the Russian Far East Khabarovsk economic and political law school freshman, Anna came from a standard, "Noble Family." His grandfather was the Russian tycoon, Khabarovsk's richest Eagle Narker about polyandry. Anna's mother Pulls Lisa Ma Mu Forest operates an international-class luxury health club, cinema club and sauna, while television is a telecommunications company and major shareholder.

Anna released unharmed after the police in the city of Khabarovsk on the kidnappers to immediately begin massive search throughout the city. About who is behind, the parties are not the same. Some people think that may be currently in exile in Uruguay, the Russian mafia boss, the former KGB agent Dennis Xilin, some people think may be about polyandry Anna grandfather Eagle Narker rival shopping centers, even people that may be the Caucasus rebels molecules. July 1, the police, turning the mastermind behind this kidnapping, one aged 29, a local cafe owner arrested. July 7, police in turn their accomplices, aged 28, apprehended in Vladivostok. The latter resisting arrest, police shot hit him in the abdomen, and arrested him.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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The golden hair beautiful woman is tied up facing the street
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