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 This section of cow takes a bath machine is very perfect

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PostSubject: This section of cow takes a bath machine is very perfect   Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:12 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :Sweden, a farm machinery manufacturing company invented a special bath for the cows, brush the

Machines, often with this machine bath milk production will be greatly improved.

cheap coach bags)American scientists in the near future the machine made for the experiment, they found that regular use of this machine will become a bath of cow

More healthy. Often use "cow wash machine," the probability of cows suffering from mastitis cows generally lower than 34%

And good health are more conducive to their large number of high-quality milk production.

This sets "cow wash machine" consists of a rotating brush and pump composition, it is appropriate to the speed of rotation can

And for a variety of cleaning the body size of cows. The machine manufacturer of agricultural machinery for the Swedish company DeLaval, the public

ed hardy clothing)Division spokesman said the bath with this machine for cows "relieve the pressure."

Company spokesman said the machine can accelerate blood circulation of cows to increase their milk production.

This machine is popular in Sweden, the local community, local farmers have to plant the first batch of 30,000 sold out.

DeLaval company is planning to present the equipment sold in the United Kingdom.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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This section of cow takes a bath machine is very perfect
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