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 Global billionaires most cities

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PostSubject: Global billionaires most cities   Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:08 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :1 . Moscow, Russia

Number of billionaires : 74 Average amount of wealth : 5.9 billion

London and New York are still arguing over the most billionaires when the city's crown , sat quietly in Moscow ranked the top spot . Indeed, the number of billionaires in Moscow incredible jump to the first in the world , while in 2002 only five billionaires Being on the post list of successful candidates Moscow . The reason(cheap coach bags), should benefit from oil and iron and steel industry. Moscow, for 74 billionaires , but compared to other selected cities, Moscow is indeed very cheap prices .

2 . New York

Number of billionaires : 71 Average amount of wealth : 3.3 billion

Years, the billionaire New York City has been ranked first in the ranking , but fell to second in 2007 . However, the city's 71 billionaires , many of whom the famous business personalities (ed hardy clothing), such as the media giant , Robert . Murdoch , real estate giant Donald Trump. The city mayor and even a billionaire .

3 . London

Number of billionaires : 36 Average amount of wealth : 4.1 billion

Benefit from the pound firm , London, England is full of billionaires , including aviation and the media giant Richard Branson, Philip Green priced apparel merchants and baron Lakshmi Mittal richest in Europe .

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Global billionaires most cities
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