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 “cat king” autopsy tool

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PostSubject: “cat king” autopsy tool   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:18 am

according to coach outlet reported that :
Once, Elvis had a lock of hair to 18,300 U.S. dollars last year, fetched high prices.

Local time on August 12, once in 1977 for "Elvis(ed hardy clothing)" Vyse Pulai Leslie's body make-up done

And the anatomy of a set of tools will Laisilixin Goldman for auction.

Auction House spokesman Maliweilian Williams said: "These auction items may be disappointing to many people, caused some controversy

. But as long as is and 'Elvis' the auction, always in short supply. How can with 'Elvis' I rely on

Closer to it, nothing less than the anatomy of these cosmetic products and tools. "
Auction house(ed hardy clothing) said this set of tools including rubber gloves, medical tweezers, lip brush, comb, eye, injection

Device, a length artery aneurysm with a tube and hook. These tools are only as Elvis one who "used."

Alleged that the equipment sale will be divided into two groups. Single estimate of auction price in 4000 U.S. dollars to 8000


( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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“cat king” autopsy tool
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