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 Trade/Breeding Wants

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PostSubject: Trade/Breeding Wants   Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:39 am

Didn't see one of these on the Forums anywhere else, so now's a good time as any.. What're you looking for, and such.. Post your needs, and if someone has it, go to PM's or whatnot to negotiate Trades. List Natures and IV's, Gender, Abilities, any Egg Moves you might want, etc.

What I'm looking for ATM (no Hax/Sav's please) :

1. Scyther- Impish Nature, Technician, Egg Move Counter. Would like Lv1, and good IV's in Atk, Speed and Def (it's gonna be a Scizor from He*..)

2. Eevee- Impish Nature, Egg Moves Curse and Wish. Would like Lv1, Female preferrably, with good IV's in Atk, Def, and Sp. Def (obvious reason is obvious?)

3. Ralts- Jolly Nature, Ability doesn't matter, Egg Moves Shadow Sneak and Will-o-Wisp. Would like Lv1, Male preferred, with good IV's in Atk, Def, and Speed (Gallade of d00m)

4. Skorupi- Impish Nature, Sniper, Egg Moves Night Slash and Whirlwind. Would like Lv1, with good IV's in Atk, Def, and Speed (Drapion with Whirlwind, it's gonna replace a certain someone on my Poison Gym, won't say who though..)

5. Sableye- Adamant Nature, Stall, Egg Move Recover. Would like Lv1, with good IV's in Speed, Atk, and HP (anti-Room Lead-potential)

That's all I need right now, if I could get any of those in Shiny it would be bonus points, lol.. I've got plenty of stuff, so if you've got 'em, PM me to negotiate.
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Trade/Breeding Wants
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