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 Platinum League Gym rules *Must read for all leaders*

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PostSubject: Platinum League Gym rules *Must read for all leaders*   Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:21 pm

All gyms must play by Standard rules.

Sleep Clause
You may only put one Pokemon to sleep at a time. Once that Pokemon wakes up, you may put it or another Pokemon to sleep again. But again, only one Pokemon on their team can be asleep at one time. Pokemon asleep due to the effects of Rest or Effect Spore do NOT count towards that limit.

Species Clause
Each Pokemon must be of a different species. Different Pokedex number means it's a different species.

Evasion Clause and OHKO Ban
Sometimes grouped together as "No DT/OHKO". The following moves are banned:
- Double Team
- Minimize
- Fissure
- Guillotine
- Sheer Cold
- Horn Drill

No "Hax" Items
The following items are banned:
- Brightpowder
- Quick Claw
- Focus Band
- King's Rock

Leaders can set up their own rules as well if they choose to. For example they can make up rules like "No Stealth Rock", or have double battles, or even uber of they so choose as long as the standard rules apply.

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Platinum League Gym rules *Must read for all leaders*
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