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 PokeOrb Forum Rules

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PostSubject: PokeOrb Forum Rules   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:35 pm

1. Staff-Member Contract

By registering as a member, you accept that this site is run by the staff and will follow both the written rules and anything the staff asks of you. The staff reserve the right to act however they feel is necessary to fit their staff guidelines. They may take action; Including but not limited to: Suspending, banning, modifying or removing user accounts, modifying or removing posts and topics without offering explanation or being answerable to the members.

2. Serious Offenses



-Inappropriate language and/or images

-Multiple Accounts

-Disrespecting Staff Members

-Disrespecting other Members of the Community

3. Minor Offenses*


You all know what this is. And yes, this includes chain posts.

-Substanceless Posts

This means that one word (or few worded) posts such as "Cool." or "Hi." just doesn't work, and is considered Spam.

-Excessive Advertising

We won't shoot you if you want to advertise your website in your signiture or anything, but we won't tolerate you going around posting in every topic "HAY GO 2 THIS SITE!". Understood? Understood.


You all know what this is, and you know that everybody hates it. So please, don't do it.

*The title "Minor Offenses" does not mean that you will not face consequences for the above things. It simply means that said consequences will not be as severe as the Serious Offenses.

4. Stay on Topic

We can't stress this enough. PLEASE stay on topic when discussing something in the forums. You may digress a little bit, but don't post in a topic about Pokemon saying how you went to the supermarket and bought cheese.

5. Have fun!

Now that you know the rules to this place, feel free to browse the forums, and have fun interacting with members! You may also go to the Chat Box and interact with currently logged in members. Thanks for signing up, and we look forward to seeing you around!
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PokeOrb Forum Rules
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