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 Boy: Has not had the right brain's life

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PostSubject: Boy: Has not had the right brain's life   Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:46 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :A 12-year-old British boy because serious trouble, right brain swelling and had to

coach outlet)Right-brain surgery, although surgery is not the right brain controls the left side of physical activity, but he is still able to miraculously

Everyday life.

According to the British "Sun" on August 16 message, the British 12-year-old boy suffered serious as similar to Lewis

Meningitis diseases, pose a serious threat to life had to be a right-brain surgery. Lewis's mother, Mandy

Said, July 20, 2007 Lewis birthday, she found Lewis the other cheek in pain, then he would fall in

Land. Was admitted to the hospital, the hospital would have thought it was only an accidental fall, but in the next year

Lewis has often epilepsy, and the situation getting worse. Doctors eventually diagnosed Lewis

Put on a rare Rasmussen encephalitis, resulting in right brain constantly being engulfed bacteria. Do doctors believe that there is only one

Method can prevent epileptic seizures in Lewis, that is, through the brain surgery he will have the right brain lesions


Reported April 14 this year, Lewis had the right brain surgery, doctors say that the right brain controls the left side

Physical activity, so the right brain left after excision of physical activity the body will be affected, but Lewis is young, and his

Left brain will gradually adapt and some right-brain work. 3 months after surgery, Lewis's body recovery in the medical

ed hardy clothing)Health and surprised, although his left arm activities may be adversely affected, but doctors said he could still like the normal

People live.

Lewis, after the operation no longer occurred epilepsy, next month he will start high school sophomore students

Live. He can not use any aids and normal walking, and even want to show people the courage to leave when surgery


( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Pokemon Trainer

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PostSubject: Re: Boy: Has not had the right brain's life   Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:22 pm

Shocked I feel bad for him.
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Boy: Has not had the right brain's life
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