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 A lock with a key

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PostSubject: A lock with a key   Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:49 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :The beginning of the story we heard a thousand times seems to have also tired of the kind of tired. XX male

coach outlet)Who had poor, struggled after the sea has finally made a fortune. Made a fortune on full Isabel lust to every glance retired to their original

The more ugly wife. People say that we two men from the bar. Start times do not agree with a woman, then said okay, give me five

10000 I leave. Man gave the woman fifty thousand dollars. They have no children, also frankly parted


Parted after the man was very handsome for a while. But not long before he tired of this life. Day

Waiting in the rain when he found a fair face, girls, girls nod and smile at him. His heart suddenly

However, no action: a familiar look ah! Then they strike up together, and then started dating, then then they will end

Married. Married his wife in addition to tenderness, to take care of him, the usually always around his ex-wife asked him some things

This is when every order he did not know what to say. Women also kept a small box and a fine

Key, the total not to men. One day a woman bedridden, she hands the keys to the man when

Calmly said, after I die you can open the box Rights. A woman who finally passed away, lost again

Wife of a man can not wait to open up that let him concerned about the long box. Only a thick chest day

Notebook, diary account of this in a woman before and after plastic surgery procedure.

I tell this story is a familiar and respected beauticians, one over 40 but charming woman.

Apart from me at the scene said that there is an over 100 million yuan of private assets, and his girlfriend home. Day

A weekend is a rainy day, I was a beautician shop designed to identify only rush of the. I entered the room

Neutrons and her beautician is wealthy girlfriend of several students to do skin care.

I heard the wealthy complaining against beautician said that the first and consequently to the whole to a fake, chances are someday to a whole

Covered all are beautiful alternatives to! See me come in, stop the hands of the beautician I sit down and live

, And then hurry to tell the above story. Moneybags heard a long while silent, it touches on his girlfriend -

ed hardy clothing)A petite beautiful girl blurted out: cosmetic surgery more than magic ah! My husband also did not recognize their own, you notice

Beautician told me that where once 50,000 enough for you? Beautician shook his head and a wry smile, then looked at me. We

Suddenly heard the wealthy are grossly shouted loudly: speak it you little fuck! The girl suddenly silent the sound of my

They looked away and see wealthy went to the window, staring at the rain his Mercedes, his face is very ugly ... ....

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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A lock with a key
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