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 Cameron: I am wrong in a complete mess

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PostSubject: Cameron: I am wrong in a complete mess   Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:06 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :"British people (during World War II) in the Battle of Great Britain alone has two and a half, you

coach outlet)Who can be called that big partner? "Casey aggrieved questions the Prime Minister Cameron.

Cameron on August 5 at the town of Hove in southern England, held a question and answer session. At the meeting, 75-year-old

Retired telephone operator Kaixi Fen, severely rebuked the Prime Minister on "Britain is the United States in 1940 anti-Nazi war

Little partners "rhetoric, criticized him for slander and belittle in their own country.

Cameron July visit to Washington, has received the U.S. media. "In fact, the United Kingdom is a United States

Rod's partner, but we are a small partner. 1940 anti-Nazi, we are a small partnership. "When

When Cameron said. In addition to the United Kingdom known as the "junior partner" in fact, Cameron also had made a mistake common sense

Mistake, the United States in 1941 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor officially entered the war of.

Q & A session at the 5th, the face of Casey's rap, Cameron said: "You are right, there is nothing

Major partners, we are indeed in 1940 when alone. I really wish to convey '20 Century 40's', while

Not '1940 years'. You're absolutely right, I was wrong was a mess. "Cameron made his own gaffe Solutions

Release, and add that, when Poland and France in addition to a number of pilots, the United Kingdom alone against the Nazis indeed.

"You like Obama is not to say it!" Casey interrupted him angry.

ed hardy clothing)After the meeting, Casey accept the "Guardian" interview is still anger still lingers: "It was then heard him say on television

, I am angry! While he understood not their something wrong. He seemed to matter in BP

Curry favor with the United States, are ignorant of history! I cast a vote for him as prime minister, and now I seriously doubt that the correct choice

Of! "

( Editor:ed hardy sale)
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Cameron: I am wrong in a complete mess
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